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There are many chances in the World to combine travelling, visiting new places and learning new language.

"Lingua+ RIGA" offers you mane possibilities, and some of them are:

English in Malta

Learning English in Malta is more like an adventure, because Malta is a very unique place, and it is well known as a social place especially for young people.

More over, Malta has 2 official languages: Maltese and English, that's why every Maltese speaks English fluently. It doesn't matter where you go or where you are, you learn and advance your English with every hous that you spend being in Malta.

Is it worth mentioning that Malta is one of the World's best entertainment places?

Standart programs are made so that the first half of the day you learn English at school with your teacher and classmates, and the second half of the day is being spent on different activities, during which you will learn Engish without noticing, because English will become the only language you will use for communication there both with your teachers and with your friends

Norwegian in Norway

Of course, there is no better place in the World to learn Norwegian than in Norway itself. 

The Norwegian language course in Norway will let you learn the language fast and well and also experience the Norwegian culture and nature, which is great and unequalled.

German courses in Germany

Here is everything depends on your wishes: German language courses are available in many cities both in Germany, and in Austria. You tell us what you need, and we give you what you want.


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"I was looking for an English course, because I got a great work opportunity. I was invited to Denmark to work as project manager. I had only one month to get this goal. This course gave me very much! Now I feel steadily about my future work."

student of the Intensive 4-weeks course in English
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