"I was looking for an English course, because I got a great work opportunity. I was invited to Denmark to work as project manager. I had to improve my English skills to be competitive among others workers. So, I had only one month to get this goal.

I called different companies, but most of them offered me to start in September, several of them had offer for people with no previous English replicas de relojes suizos knowledge. But here I could start immediately.

My first impression was "What could offer me such a young teacher?" I was skeptical about this. Daria offered me a trial lesson, she said: "If u like the course, u will continue". When I heard her English, my skepticism left me. I have never heard such fluent English by teachers.

This course gave me very much! Now I feel steadily about my trip to Denmark. Now I know that I will reach the goal."


student of the Intensive 4-weeks course in English


Please, note, that the published text is written by the person who gave the reference with no corrections. Neither grammar, nor style mistakes were corrected by the teachers.

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